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Getting to Meet Rafiki

Kissimmee, FL, United States
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I grew up watching the Disney movie, "The Lion King." Rafiki, the wise old mandrill, was a favorite character of mine. As such, when visiting Disneyworld in 2015, I was heartened to see a real life Rafiki willing and able to meet with fans. After a short wait, I got to shake the hand of Rafiki and let him know of my status as a life-long fan. I snapped this photo as I was waiting in line, so the family depicted in the photo is equally eager to meet Rafiki, although that's about the extent of my knowledge of them. I hope they enjoyed the experienced as much as I did!
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No state income taxes makes this a desirable place to retire
Best place to stay while visiting Disneyworld; easy transportation to and from airport

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