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Getting Lost in Mykonos

Mikonos, Greece
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When we were on our 7 day Greece cruise, one of our stops was in Mykonos. I had read about a pretty beach you could go to that had several restaurants and resorts. After walking through the town we decided to take the bus to the beach. We bought our tickets and waited around for the bus. While on the bus we were listening for our stop that the bus driver yells out. He yelled the name of our stop (or at least we thought it was our stop) so we got off and saw the beach. When we got off the bus I thought it didn't quite look how it did in the pictures. As soon as the bus drove away, I knew it wasn't the right place.

At that point we knew that we weren't going to make it to the beach but needed to focus on getting back to the ship in time. We walked down the huge hill to a restaurant and had them call us a taxi. Supposedly they only have a few taxis and they were all busy so we decided to eat lunch there. After an hour or so passed we started to get a bit anxious that we weren't going to make it back to the ship in time. The servers kept saying the taxis couldn't come yet, so we decided we were going to have to hike up the big hill and hitchhike. Thankfully, as we were almost to the top of the hill, the taxi finally came and took us to the ship. We made it back with only 30 minutes to spare. Boy were we happy we made it!
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