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Get Your Bib On And Head Over To The Lobster Pot Restaurant

Provincetown, MA, United States
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My husband and I love fresh lobster and there is no better place to be and have a fantastic seafood meal than in Provincetown, at the Lobster Pot, especially during lobster season. This seaside landmark is nestled along a busy street and no matter the time, this popular place always draws a huge and hungry crowd.Here, the lobster is served several ways, but we prefer to have the whole lobster with a couple of side dishes like fresh corn on the cob and a side of butter! Lots of hot, melted butter makes this meal a feast. Don't you agree?
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For kids

MacMillan Pier
There is always lots of action at this place. Fun for all.
Race Point Beach
Everyone love to go here to see the seals play.
Provincetown Public Library
This is a fun place to take a look at all the books.
Beech Forest Trail
This is a great place where the entire family can take a hike together.
Province Lands Visitor Center
Take the kids here and they can get a map of the area.
Herring Cove Beach, Provincetown
This is a great place to take the kids for a swim.

Points of interest

Provincetown Marina
There are plenty of boats to admire here at the marina.
Commercial Street
Everyone in the entire family can enjoy a stroll down this famous street.


The Lobster Pot
The Lobster Pot
Check out the leg hanging out of the window! Funny!
Lobster is the talk of the town in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

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