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Georgetown, Grand Cayman

George Town, George Town, Cayman Islands
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During our stop in Georgetown, G.C. we not only did the Atlantis Submarine, my bucket list included either turtle soup or a turtle burger. I had never tried it before and I like to try a lot of different foods that I can't get at home in Northern California. We walked through the downtown area and we were drawn towards a restaurant with a green roof, plus I happened to ask where we could eat turtle. Anyway, as we walked to the restaurant there are some nice and interesting sights, not to mention the view of the bay with the cruise ships. We made it to Paradise Restaurant, I looked at the menu and decided on a turtle burger. I should've ordered the soup also. My wife isn't as adventurous and she ordered a regular hamburger. The turtle burger was surprisingly good, not at all fishy. The meat was ground and put together like you are making a meatloaf. I would have it again.
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Paradise Restaurant
Paradise Restaurant
A very enjoyable and reasonable place to eat, especially if you want to try something different

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