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George Washington Slept Here

Ocean Isle Beach, NC, United States
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If old George had slept in as many places in America as claimed, he’s never have gotten out of bed. However, in this case, he really did sleep here, or at least in the area.

In 1791, while he was President, George Washington decided it would be a good idea to take a tour of the southern colonies. He probably made the decision during a January snowstorm. At any rate, in April he headed south on what must have been a very rocky and muddy road. POTUS had no secret service and no reservations. One of the places he stayed is today a South Carolina county park (see my story
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Bars and nightlife

Makai Brewing Company
If Washington had wanted a beer back then, there were no taverns. Today, about a mile south of this marker, he could enjoy a craft beer at Makai Brewery.

Culture and experiences

Capelli Salon & Day Spa
Capelli Salon & Day Spa
This marker is on US Highway 17 in North Carolina, about 10 miles north of the South Carolina state line.
Vereen Memorial Gardens
When Washington stayed with Jeremiah Vereen in South Carolina, he had only traveled about seven miles from William Gause’s home.

Points of interest

Capelli Salon & Day Spa
Capelli Salon is on the same side of US Highway 17 but across the street from the marker and was the closest Google map point to it.

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