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Geary State Fishing Lake

Lyona, KS, United States
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This is a place that definitely brings back some memories! When I was a teenager, the Geary State Fishing Lake was one of my favorite hangouts. This was a place where us teenagers would go to chill on an evening after work. But the lake is also a great destination for a variety of activities. Located on the western flank of the Flint Hills, the lake offers boating, fishing, hiking, and a number of other recreational opportunities. For this particular trip, I went to the lake to capture some photographs of this favorite location. If you are feeling adventurous, the spillway features a dramatic waterfall - but it is seasonal. It tends to look awesome in the springtime, but by late summer it is often reduced to a trickle, and sometimes dries up completely.
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Geary State Fishing Lake and Wildlife Area
The lake is located adjacent to US 77 a few miles south of Junction City.

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