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Orlando, FL, United States
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This is park is so Florida. Lots of gators, as the name would suggest, but also lots of other cool animals. Panthers, tortoises, birds, snakes, bobcats...the list goes on. Not all of the animals are native to Florida, but each habitat has a really cool write up of the animal you're viewing. There are so many things to do, too. Feed the gators, watch a show. I personally recommend the Gator Jumparoo show, zip line and take a train ride. If you're bored at Gatorland, you're not doing it right! Also, there are plenty of fans strategically located throughout the park, and some even have mist! Bottles of water are actually decently priced, so don't forget to hydrate. There's a huge air conditioned gift shop at the exit, and they have all sorts of cool stuff to look at. All of the staff at Gatorland are very friendly as well. The parking is free and easy to navigate.
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