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Gathered for the Equinox

Chichén Itzá, Yuc., Mexico
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The temple complex at Chichén Iztá is famous around the world for a reason. The sheer size and sprawl of it; the precision and the unique features, both in the visuals and the auditory effects hidden in the architecture - all of these come together to make an intense experience. I kept waiting to be annoyed by the groups of tourists clapping in front of Kukulkan in order to hear the sharp pingback sound from the large and imposing temple, but I was simply awed every time.
There are scores of vendors throughout the site, selling variations on the same few handmade items; on this day, however, most people were there for the special dance of shadows on Kukulkan's side that happens only on the equinoxes. So many people were gathered for the twice-annual event!
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Culture and experiences

Chichén Itzá
The famous world heritage site.


Hacienda Chichen Resort
Locally sourced menu, wonderful restaurant.

Special activities

Ik Kil Archeological Park
Cenote down the street from Chichén Iztá.

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