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Gastof Werdenfelfer Hof

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, BY, Germany
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After a full day of hiking around the hillsides outside of Garmisch - Partenkirchen we went into the Partenkirchen section of town in search of a cozy lunch spot. After strolling the picturesque streets we happened upon the Gastof Werdenfelfer Hof and it was open with full menu service so we went in for a late lunch. If I was going to draw a picture of the perfect German pub and gasthaus this would look like. It was split level with a beautiful full bar on the upper tier. The windows were in front and darkened with heavy drapes, all of the tables and chairs were thick heavy wood, and the worn plank flooring was original. They had menus in German and English, which was hugely helpful, and the food was delicious. The rooms to rent were upstairs and had a small, discreet entrance in the portico area. A backpacker arrived to check in while we were dining and it was interesting to watch the “old fashioned” check in process of manually filling out paperwork and the exchange of an old fashioned metal key. It was such a wonderful and uniquely Bavarian experience.
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Werdenfelserei Hotel Garmisch
Werdenfelserei Hotel Garmisch
We stopped by mid-afternoon and were still able to order from the full menu.
Werdenfelserei Hotel Garmisch
Werdenfelserei Hotel Garmisch
I loved the traditional interior with heavy original wood and grand bar.
Werdenfelserei Hotel Garmisch
Werdenfelserei Hotel Garmisch
This is the beautiful Werdenfelfer Hof in the middle of Partenkirchen

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