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Game Night in Portage, Wisconsin

Portage, WI, United States
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Last week I traveled to Portage from Pardeeville after I went camping for two nights. I was at the Bob Mael field in Portage for one night because my favorite cousin was starting as the VIP running back for his team and he played right next to the center and after I watched him up his touchdown status, I was VIP for the night because I came to the stadium to see his performance! While in Portage I seen all of his middle school buddies who had some pretty cool catches and I seen them practicing and learning new skills too. The field is easy to find, but the restroom is not so easy to find. The restrooms at the stadium were hidden behind the bleachers and it took me nearly 25 minutes to find them. The restrooms were cold and the outside even colder. I ran to the car and grabbed my wool blanket that I carried around while camping and then I went and looked for a seat with the other families high up in the bleachers so I could get a nice view of him during this event, but it was cold with the wind up that high. I got myself all snuggled up in my blanket that I was carrying around and I looked like an Eskimo but I stayed warm and was able to see the boys finishing their drills, plays and running around like soldiers before the game started. I spent about two hours watching the game and I saw some amazing tackles, blocks, guards and touchdowns along with several interceptions, 1st downs and the sports broadcaster drove everyone nuts to boot! He was really annoying because their team was losing and it got to the point where I really wanted to tell him to be quiet! No need to be a poor sport, but anyways, as it got darker that night, my camera didn’t take the best quality photos I’ve ever seen so I wasn't able to frame each shot perfectly and because I was sitting up so far in the stands, my lens didn’t focus that well either. Even so, I hope you like my pictures even though they didn't turn out like I had hoped they would. Final score, I believe was: Visitors 28: Home 8. My cousin was super happy they smoked the other team, and I was excited to come and see his game and he made 2 of the touchdowns for his team and I made sure he heard me yelling Go, Go, Go!!!!! I was over all very well pleased with the surroundings and the sportsmanship effort on the field but I was definitely not very happy with the announcers attitude. I was expecting him to be a little more professional while he was broadcasting the plays even though their team was losing. If you don’t have anything to do in your free time, go cheer on some middle school boys, because not all parents come to the stadium!
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Duck Creek Campground
Duck Creek Campground is a nice place to stay at. I stayed at this place several years ago and a lot has changed. I went to the beach and used to swim in it, but they turned it into a little watering hole. The floating rafts for kids to play on were moved in an effort to make it into a fishing hole per say and now it's more of a heart shaped pond with little rocks on the side. Even so, it's still a fun place to go. If you like to go swimming, this is not the best place to go, but this is a great camping option to add to your bucket list.


Portage Community School District
When I first arrived I didn't realize this was the districts high school football field. I was really impressed with not having to pay an admission fee while attending a school function. Nice field and great experience, even though the announcer sitting in the tower was really a poor sport and annoying on top of that.

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