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GVB day pass

1101 BE Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Amsterdam has extensive network of public transportations like metros, buses, trams, regional railways which connects all of Amsterdam and suburban cities of Amstelveen, the Schiphol Airport and beyond. There are many options of purchasing tickets. The most common option for visitors is a disposable one-hour OV-chipkaart that allows you to take any means of transportation with unlimited transfer within an hour. Since we were hopping between many places of interest in the city, we purchased the GVB unlimited day pass which costs only 7.50 euros (in March 2018). We took metros, trams and buses from one place to another, and we found that it was extremely convenient and inexpensive.
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1101 BE
GVB is a light rail lines, one of the public transportations in Amsterdam connecting from the city center to suburban areas

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