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Furnace Creek Ranch, the place to stay when visiting Death Valley

Furnace Creek, CA, United States
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Even though it was the middle of winter when we visited Death Valley, it was still hot. We were spending a couple of days in the area, so we decided to stay within the park. The Furnace Creek Ranch was inside the park, and centrally located. The rooms were airconditioned (it would have been deadly if they weren't) and clean. The campground nearby had ranger programs each evening, which guests at the ranch were welcome to attend. As you would expect in an area where there is only one hotel choice, the rooms were expensive, but given its location, worth it.
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The Ranch at Death Valley
A park service hotel located inside Death Valley National Park

Points of interest

Furnace Creek Visitor Center
A park service visitor center located next to the ranch.


Furnace Creek Ranch Golf Course
It seems stupid to me to have a golf course in Death Valley, but I will admit, seeing all that green was a pleasure after spending hours looking only at brown.

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