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Funny language error in refugee camp

Santa Teresa, Ocotepeque Department, Honduras
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I have mentioned before that I had the rare experience as an outsider to spend a night in the Mesa Grande refugee camp on the Honduras - El Salvador border. It was set up so that a family would host me; I would eat with them, chat with them for the evening and spend the night. It was a fascinating thing. At one point the mother asked me if I wanted to go the “servicio”. In some places this word is used for a church service, and I thought that would be interesting in a refugee camp setting, so I asked her, “When does it begin?” She gave me a surprised look: “Whenever you want to.” It turns out that here, like in some other places, “servicio” means “restroom,” in this case a set of latrines at the edge of the camp. Here supper is being prepared.
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by Liketraveling


Ha, that's very really had some awesome experiences in Latin America. Honduras is still a white spot on our map but it is too dangerous for us to go there