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Fun day exploring Paris

Paris, Île-de-France, France
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Our first stop of the day was Napoleon's Tomb. There was a really cool church and building, and the tomb. The Hotel des Invalides (his tomb) is a 643 foot dome built in 1676 by San King for old soldiers. Next we went in search of the Eiffel Tower. We could see if from the Tomb, but quickly lost our way wandering through the streets of Paris (fun in its own right!). We finally found it and enjoyed the walk through the park leading up to it. It's so much larger in picture than I ever imagined! We got in line to go to the top just as the sun was setting and enjoyed watching the glittering lights in the dark as we waited our turn to go to the top. The views were great and it was a lot of fun!
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Napoléon's Tomb
A large dome and beautiful building, well worth a visit
Eiffel Tower
Must visit, beautiful and so large. We went up to the top

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