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Fun Street Entertainers

Victoria, BC, Canada
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Victoria was a port of call coming back from our itinerary in Alaska. This is a cute little town with lots of fun and talented street performers to watch. This mime was delightful and got mad at people who took photos of him without donating money in his box. My kids loved watching him. Another entertainer was swallowing knives and balancing plates while on high stilts. Everything is within walking distance of the cruise ship terminal. On the way you'll will pass a playground where the kids can run around and get their energy out after being couped up on a ship with no playgrounds.
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Ogden Point Cruise Terminal
After docking, you can walk around town to explore Canada.

Points of interest

Fisherman's Wharf Park
A playground here so the kids can run around after getting off the ship.
Walking distance within the cruise ship terminal. a taste of canada.

Special activities

Tally-Ho Carriage Tours
Ride a horse drawn carriage, a princess loving child will love this experience.
Victoria Carriage Tours
So fun to ride a horse drawn carriage, some are beautifully decorated.

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