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Fromme - Birney Round Barn

Mullinville, KS, United States
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After a brief visit to the Clark State Fishing Lake and Wildlife Area, I drove east on US 54 to the small town of Mullinville, Kansas. My next stop was the Fromme - Birney Round Barn. I know it seems strange to visit a barn, but trust me, this barn is well worth a visit. The Fromme - Birney Round Barn is a 16 sided frame structure with a roof that rises dramatically to a cupola. The woodwork inside of this barn is absolutely jaw dropping. I will be writing a few more stories about the barn and the surrounding area to give you a better idea of why I made a special trip to see this awesome piece of agricultural history.
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Fromme-Birney Round Barn
I am using this detail to tag the barn on a map. It is a few miles outside of town.

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