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From Dublin to Home and Beyond!

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
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Could it be that today is the last day of our adventure? Alas, tomorrow we head back to Milwaukee, Wisconsin but not before we have gotten a few lifetime dreams accomplished in Dublin, Ireland.

Today was a great day! We slept in and got a late start on breakfast. With a map in our hands, we walked the 3 miles to the heart of Dublin. Straight down the shopping district of O’Connell Street and onto Trinity College. The first stop was the Book of Kells. To some, it is just a book but to me, it is a masterpiece of artwork and heritage. The Book of Kells is taken after the four gospels as illustrated by at least 3 monks and artisans.
St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin.
Of course, the book is so old that we could not take any pictures of it (photography damages the paper and ink of such relics) but I can tell you it is a sight worth seeing. It is amazing the amount of work that goes into just making the pages to write on let alone the exact mixture of dyes and minerals needed to create the colorful inks. The end of the tour included a walk through the Long Room (Library), which was just the icing on the cake.

We ended a bit early and decided to take a walk around the town. Two more great stops along our path were the Christchurch Cathedral and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Both cathedrals were great masterpieces of architecture and we were in awe of the stained glass and workmanship. There was only one small thing that bothered us about the St. Patrick’s Cathedral; towards the back of the cathedral was their gift shop.
Entrance to The Book of Kells at Trinity College, Dublin.
No, not outside or behind a door but rather directly in the main church. Greg and I thought this was highly unethical and had no place in such a work of art. We suppose that some do not hold such high values on such things but we expected a little more respect God’s house.

Now, my friends, we come to the end of the journey. It is 7:30pm here and in 12 hours we will be heading to the airport for our 10:35am flight straight from Dublin, Ireland to Chicago, Illinois. It has been an awesome 17-day trip and we are ready to head back to our lives in Wisconsin. So much has been learned over this trip and not only has Greg and I have grown closer but we know have a better understand of our path in life together. We hope that you all have enjoyed our journals and pictures as much as we have had sharing them all with you.

Until our next trip, may health and happiness follow you wherever you may go.
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