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Fresh Air Fund

Fishkill, NY, United States
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As far as I understand it, there are several different camp sites contained within the property known as The Sharpe Reservation in Fishkill, NY. Several of these camps are used as part of the Fresh Air Fund, an organization which pays for children whose families do not have the economic means to travel or pay for camps to come and experience something a little more rural while simultaneously taking the burden of paying for summertime childcare off their families' plates (or leaving them to wander and potentially have harm come to them or get themselves in trouble without supervision all day long). We visited as a day trip with our campers.
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For kids

SplashDown Beach
If you pass through Fishkill in the summer with kids... this is way more likely where you'll end up. :-)

Points of interest

Sharpe Reservation
A nice place, though I don't think it's open to the public?


Flory's Gas, Convenience & Deli (Fishkill)
Your typical gas station/convenience store... except for the giant polar bear inside!

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