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Food in Ireland is the Best in the World!

Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
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From the planes to the pubs, the food is great! If your in Ireland for any length of time, I recommend you EAT everything you can! Eat at the hotels, eat at the bars and eat at the restaurants too! Grab wonderful treats at the service stations and stock up on food at the grocery stores! I will remember my 7 full days of dietary delights in Ireland for a lifetime. I got so full from food that I gained 5 pounds! You really don't need to go out for fancy meals everyday. You can find food everywhere! Now let's highlight where you can find the best savory grub!

First, be sure to stock up on food at Tesco especially for big families - the most popular grocery store in Ireland! It has all the conveniences of the US but without the added preservatives! They make freshly baked edible treats every morning that has a low sugar content and you can even eat while walking out the door!

Next, You will appreciate the extensive wine list and outstanding customer service you can get at the restaurants. You will be greeted by friendly hosts and hostesses with no reservations required in most places. The food is served fresh, fast and hot and the food portions are huge! Many restaurants are family or locally owned so seeing chain food restaurants is almost unheard of! I can't wait to go back!

And finally, five star restaurants are not the only places to eat. You can find wonderful breakfast, lunch and dinner desserts at any convenience store, small shops and at fresh fruit stands. We had a wonderful dinner at Scott's, that was recommended by a boy we met on a street corner. Scott made the best meat and mushroom meal I've ever eaten along with a glass of red wine poured to the rim of the glass!

Ireland definitely has the best food in the world! However, if you're looking to lose weight, then I recommend picking another country to visit, but if gaining a few pounds isn't on your plate, then be sure to visit Ireland and take my advice and eat literally everything you can!
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Dublin Airport
Dublin Airport
Burger King (an almost unheard of chain restaurant in Ireland, yet a famous chain food take out place in the US) has an order here menu sitting on the wall in the restaurant. This was my first time I had ever used one of these machines and a highlight to our visit! You don't need to get in line and speak to a host, instead you walk up to this on line machine, look through the on line menu, and on each page you select from a list of choices to add to your hot meal, including dessert entrees (I skipped this), additional condiments and a cold beverage. Once your order is complete, you can pay on the screen and it will give you a number. While the Kings are preparing your food, go stand in line and wait. We stood around and waited in line for about 20 minutes for them to make our food for us and almost missed our flight! There is plenty of seating in the restaurant but it can get crowded. And purchase the refill cups at the machine as well.

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