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Food Crawl: Tashkent!

Yik-Ota, Tashkent Region, Uzbekistan
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One of my favorite parts about being in Tashkent was trying the local Uzbek food and flavors. While International cuisine can be found in different parts of the city, (for example my friend and I had sushi at one of the well known Japanese restaurants), I still prefer eating more local dishes! On my first night, my friend took me to a proper Uzbek dinner. The restaurant had a nice vibe and almost every table had a bottle of vodka on it, lol! The menu was strictly in Uzbek so I definitely had to rely on my friend to order. The Uzbek style dumplings are always a delicious choice, and make sure to try the plov which is a famous rice dish. Each region has their version of plov and Tashkent has one of the best I have tried. Another great dish I'd recommend is lagman which is a good noodle dish good on cold and rainy days. Overall the cuisine I had in Tashkent were delicious!
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This airport may be small but it was orderly from my own experience.
Uzbekistan Airways National Air Company
Uzbekistan airways is the way to go when traveling around Uzbekistan.


Uzbekistan Hotel
Hotel Uzbekistan is a pretty interesting building from the outside.

Points of interest

Tashkent Tower
Tashkent Tower is one of the tallest structures in the Central Asian region.
Alisher Navoï Opera
The Tashkent opera is a pretty cool building in this Central Asian city.
Tashkent is such a beautiful city. So much culture in the city to explore and learn about.


Yapona Mama
Sushi for dinner in Tashkent? I recommend trying Yapona Mama!
Plov Center
Huge restaurant. Lots of locals and tourist visit this place for the delicious plate of plov!


White Mosque
Beautiful mosque in Tashkent! make sure to take time to visit this mosque!
Tashkent's bazaaar was so much fun to explore. so many local spices and things to try here.

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