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Food Crawl: Bukhara

Bukhara, Bukhara Region, Uzbekistan
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Bukhara has an amazing food scene! There are lots of restaurants that offer local food and also some small eateries you can find just walking around some of its famous sites. Luckily I was with my local friend/guide who knew some of the best places in town. The variety of salad at the restaurants in Bukhara was endless. Just before the main course they brought us some. I love variety so this was good for me. Of course I had the plov in Bukhara. My friend and I also had some street foods that was some of the regions famous dumplings. and on my last day we did n adventurous foodie day and had some typical goat dishes. Overall it was a very interesting foodie experience in Bukhara.
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Train Ticket Office
Bukhara has a train station. Make sure to consider traveling in a train sometime in Uzbekistan.

Culture and experiences

This is a very historic complex in Bukhara. It's near the minaret also.
Bolo Hauz Mosque مسجد
Near the Ark, you can see the most important mosque in the historic city.


Hotel Hafsi Kabir
I had a great and comfortable stay here. I recommend checking this place out.

Points of interest

Chor Minor
This is a protected cultural structure. It means four minaret because of its four towers.
Ark of Bukhara is famous of its own. This site is a nice structure of the city.
Lyab-i Hauz
This area in Bukhara is around a pond known as hauz. Check out the choices for local cuisine here.
Love the food scene in this region of Uzbekistan. The traditional plov was really good!

Special activities

Samanid Mausoleum
This well known mausoleum is the resting place of Ismail Samani.
Kalyan Minaret
I recommend visiting the minaret during the night time since it was lit up! Also locals like to gather here so the vibe is pretty cool!

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