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Following the Leader

Acklins, Acklins, The Bahamas
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If you have ever been on a cruise in any of the more popular destinations, like this one in the Caribbean, you may have noticed other cruise ships sailing not far from your ship. During this Caribbean cruise we were playing leapfrog with one of the “Dam” ships. For cruise knowledgeable travelers, the names of Holland America’s ships end with “Dam”. For example, Koningsdam, Oosterdam, Westerdam and so on. This is how they got the nickname, “Dam Ships.” I don’t remember which Dam ship this was but it followed us for a couple days during our cruise. Some times it was off to one-side and other times it was almost directly behind our ship. I enjoy being out in the middle of the ocean and watching for other ships. During one of our Caribbean cruises there was a submarine that passed by on our starboard side. Which is the starboard side? Well, after I learned what little ship talk I know, I had to figure a way to remember. So I looked at “port” and “starboard” and figured an easy way to remember is, “port” has four letters and is the left side of the ship and “left’ has four letters, BINGO. Got side tracked from following the leader. Cruising the Caribbean it is very common to see other cruise ships sailing not so far from yours.
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