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Fog, Fog and More Fog, But Still Beautiful

Tallinn, Harju County, Estonia
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As we arrived in the port of Tallinn, Estonia I stepped out onto our stateroom balcony and at first all I could see was fog. It was like what they call June Gloom in San Diego (it was June 5th). I started to hope that the fog didn't ruin every chance I had for pictures. As we pulled up to the dock it started to rain a little bit and that helped a little to dissipate some of the fog. So now we have fog and rain. Oh well!! As usual we made the best of the situation. Finally, I could see the city of Tallinn through the fog. The view was beautiful regardless of the fog, I can only imagine, literally, how the view would be on a clear day. Onward and forward for a new adventure, the ancient city of Tallinn, Estonia. Estonia was once upon a time illegally occupied by the Soviet Union (more than once) and Estonia regained independence in 1991 with the brake up of the Soviet Union.
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Port of Tallinn
Port of Tallinn
The port that serves Tallinn is very close to most of the best sights

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