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Florence Italy Food

Florence, Tuscany, Italy
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I took a day trip to Florence with my wife. We were keeping our home base in Rome, so we took the train there and back in the same day. The one thing I did not get to eat while I was there was the authentic Florence steak, the large thick steak. My wife cant eat that much meat after all the pizza and pasta we had been eating, so it would have mostly been wasted if I got it. (hard to justify a $50 meal that will go to waste)

However, we got a few solid recommendations from some Florence locals that we would recommend. The first, is called Il Latini. Cute place with some great foods. We got 3 items, including 1 pasta and 2 soups. We loved it. We really enjoyed the atmosphere too as it seem very authentic and not too touristy.

The other recommendation would be a Gelato place called La Carraia. Very very good gelato, and for me it was nice cause it was still close to downtown but still off the path just a bit, so less touristy.
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Mercato Centrale
Mercato Centrale
Go here for sure. Lots to shop, and we had some good food. This place called Grande Bianca we got this burger, and loved it.


Gelateria La Carraia
Gelateria La Carraia
Our favorite Gelato in Florence. It was perfect and would go again.
Il Latini
Il Latini
Awesome food! great service too, would go here again for sure.

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