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Florence Has More Than Just David

Florence, Tuscany, Italy
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Much larger than Verona, we took a taxi straight to our apartment, which cut out any chance at getting lost. We were met directly outside by Elisabetta, who is probably the sweetest woman ever, and her son and husband. The boys kindly carried up our luggage to the FOURTH FLOOR (props to them for not collapsing under the weight) and Elisabetta and her son stayed for almost 30 minutes carefully explaining the apartment to us. Her English was good, and her son translated when needed. She left us snacks and a binder WITH PICTURES to help us understand things like the wifi and the complicated key system. To say she was an amazing host would be an understatement. If any of you ever find yourself in Florence, I highly, highly recommend her.

After that, we were off! Summing our first few days in Florence, I can say that, without a doubt, it lived up to the hype. The David was one thousand times more amazing than I had expected, and every time I turned around, I found myself in a new and beautiful plaza. We spent our days exploring the city, eating as much meat and cheese as our bellies could hold, and drinking wine that proved to be more delicious than I had imagined. I would, 100%, go back to Florence someday.

I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to drinking a beer on a plaza, surrounded by dogs off of leashes and people smoking, staring at a cop, which I eat my pizza. Very strange.
But definitely amazing.
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