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Flooded Danube

Klížska Nemá, Nitra Region, Slovakia
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We recently completed a one week AMA Danube River Cruise and, apparently, we were on the river during and just after historic flooding. This was so obvious when we left Budapest, Hungary, enroute to Bratislava, Slovakia. There were sections of the river where the banks had just disappeared, and also sections where islands were now just small piles of rocks barely protruding above the water's surface. We actually missed one of our ports - Nuremberg - because the waters were so high that a lock was damaged and we could not pass through so we had to spend an extra night in Regensberg and be taken to Nuremberg by bus. Regardless, it was an amazing experience and we can't wait to take another river cruise.
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Danube River
Danube River
This small pile of rocks is actually a small island but is submerged under the floodwaters
Danube River
Danube River
I made this collage out of several of the pictures I took of the flooding on the shoreline while we sailed the Danube
Danube River
Danube River
This is a shoreline picture I took while sitting on our ship balcony.

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