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Flamenco Beach

Flamenco, Culebra, Puerto Rico
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Flamenco Beach is listed as #6 of the top #10 beaches in the world by TripAdvisor. It is the main attraction of the island of Culebra. One of the neat things about this beach, after the shallow clear blue water and the white sands would be the abandoned army tanks that have been turned into art work. I'm not sure how many there are total but we found two of them. One was on the beach at the far left end of the horseshoe coast that makes up Flamenco, the second sits back a 100 or so yards from the sand on an elevation. This is a popular spot for snorkeling and scuba further out and swimming and sun bathing. There are a few shacks near the parking lot for food, lockers, alcoholic drinks, phone chargers and some other small things, the funny thing about the shops is that they are only open a few hours each day, I think Mon-Fri was until 2 pm.
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Fajardo Ferry Terminal
Terminal of the Fajardo to Culebra ferry, fares are $2.25 per person one way
Aeropuerto De Culebra
The airport of Culebra, charter flights from other islands, small coffee and snack shop outside
Terminal de Lanchas de Culebra
Ferry terminal of Culebra, one of two major transportation modes, clean location with nice views of the water, some shops and food vendors


Mamacitas Guest House
Conveniently located near the ferry, popular restaurants, and grocery store. Nice staff and decent rooms.

Points of interest

Bahía de Sardinas
Bay that surrounds Culebra in the area of the ferry terminal
Laguna de Lobine
Lagoon located between Mamacitas Guest House and the grocery/convenience store
Culebra National Wildlife Refuge
Located on the northern side of the island between Zoni and Flamenco beaches
Cayo Luis Peña
Very small island located within sight from the beaches of Tamarindo
Atlantic Ocean
Location of Puerto Rico and its smaller islands, short flight from East coast US
Puerto Rico
Island in the Atlantic that is part of the US, can visit with out a passport
Another of the small islands of Puerto Rico, larger than Culebra, famous for the Bioluminescent Bay
Small island that is part of Puerto Rico, beautiful beaches and small enough to travel by golf cart
Playa El Tamarindo
Great snorkeling beach to see sea turtles, stingrays and starfish
Zoni Beach
Secluded beach, main nesting site of Leatherback Sea Turtles, blue water
Small island with amazing beaches, clear water, white sand and snorkeling


Krusty Krab
Located high up on the hill, kinda steep for the golf cart, seafood dishes, advertised as best view on the island
Sweet And Naughty Candy Shop
A fun candy and sweets shop with delicious ice coffee, homemade donuts, and swings for seats at the back counter
Bakery and breakfast diner, reasonable priced, eggs, sausage, bread and other basics as well as baked goods
Jiribillas BBQ
Chinese takeout style restaurant with a Puerto Rican twist to the food, less than a block from the guest house
Dinghy Dock
Excellent seafood, sit on the dock by the water, great drinks as well, huge tarpon swimming around next to the dock that you can throw your leftover food to


United States Postal Service
Conveniently located near the ferry terminal, if you want to send some postcards
Dakiti Gas Station & Mini Market
The only gas station on the island, next to the grocery store, good to know to fill up the golf cart before returning
Colmado Carniceria Milka
The main grocery and convenience store we found with everything you could need within walking distance of the guest house

Special activities

Culebra UTV Rental
Golf cart rentals, with taxes and fees comes out to about $50 per day, quite pricey but the experience made it worth the price
Culebra Divers
Dive shop and gift and souvenir shop, book snorkel and scuba tours here

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