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Fishing on the High Hill

Placerville, CA 95667, USA
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At High Hill Ranch in Apple Hill you can participate in many different activities. The one activity you cannot do anymore at this apple farm is pick apples. Part of the beauty of High Hill Ranch is the pond that they have stocked with rainbow trout. Fishing has been offered at High Hill since I first started visiting there over 30 years ago when my kids were young. I actually saw a kid (way back when) reeling in what we thought was a nice trout, and low and behold, like you see on TV comedies, the kid had a boot on the end of his fishing line. That is a true story. I have also seen people reel in some nice trout. During this visit we watched a man with his little daughter reeling in a fish. The man tried handing the pole to his daughter but she didn’t want it. He reeled in very nice trout about 14 inches long. This was the only fish we watched being caught. The problem with catching a trout here is the high price you have to pay and then if you are going to spend the entire day visiting different apple farms the fish might go bad. I’m going to venture a guess that the people that pay to fish here are wanting to give the experience to their kids.
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Apple Hill | High Hill Ranch
Apple Hill | High Hill Ranch
For a price you can take your kids fishing here at High Hill Ranch

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by teebeetoo


So cute! I love the fishing pond rules!