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Fishing for Puffers

Lighthouse Point, FL, United States
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We are not very good fishermen. In fact, it is probably fair to say that we are terrible. But, we still like fishing. The sights, the sounds, the relaxing atmosphere…and let us not forget the beers. So, we fish for what is probably the easiest of all saltwater fishes to catch: the puffer. Now there are actually several different species of puffer, and pictured is the aptly named porcupine puffer fish. All you need to do to catch puffers is put a piece of shrimp on a hook and lower it into the water. The puffers do the rest! My kind of fishing! Best yet, if you fish without using a reel, you do not need a fishing license in Florida. With these guys, you hardly even need a rod! Only thing to be aware of is their sharp fused teeth. Don’t stick your finger in their mouths while trying to dislodge the hook! Other than that, these are great fun and they sometimes even puff up! Don’t attempt to eat these guys as they are poisonous. We just catch and release. For the record, this fish is not foaming at the mouth. The white stuff is actually shrimp which he failed to ingest.
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