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Fishing @ Axehead Lake: Curses! Foiled By The Albino Trout!

Park Ridge, IL 60068, USA
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In my younger days, my neighborhood friends and I would bike up to Axehead lake to fish on hot summer mornings. We'd usually target bass (when they were biting), trout, panfish or the occasional catfish (that were usually biting). But it'd always be hit or miss. I guess that's why it's called fishing, not catching. Still, I hadn't been to Axhead lake for the better part of 2 decades and my buddy who'd gone trout fishing with me last month wanted to take a shot at the stocked trout. So, we kicked the kids out of bed at 7AM and headed over to see what was biting. Trout aren't in the rivers and streams (contrary to what the DNR says, I've never caught one) so you either have to fish in Lake Michigan or when the DNR stocks the local smaller lakes. October 19th was the last day of the year where the DNR stocks all the local lakes and it's typically shoulder to should standing room only. People will even cast from behind you and just result in a tangled mess and uppping people's frustrations even more. We went on the morning of the 20th instead and spent a good 4 hours catching absolutely...nothing. A few people who came on the 19th stopped by asking how the fishing was but they didn't catch anything either. Too much pressure on the fish I guess. It didn't stop this monster albino trout and his merry band of rainbows from taunting us a mere 8 feet from shore. Sigh. I'll get you my pretty! Next time. Still a fun time and the kids didn't get bored.
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Axehead Lake
A small lake just off Touhy and River Road where you can catch bass, trout, panfish and catfish. Fished by a lot of the locals so the fish often have a lot of pressure on them.

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