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Fish Viewing Station at Lake Redding

Redding, CA, United States
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Lake Redding? Well that is what it is called. It is just an enlaged section of the Sacramento River caused by a low dam across the river. Located in Lake Redding Park you will find a fish viewing station at the salmon ladder. The official name of this fish ladder is the “Acid Fish Passage Improvement Project.” I have been to this fish viewing area in the past and have seen a few large salmon. Also in the past the windows were cleaner and the fish viewing area wasn’t overrun with spider webs. I was disappointed with my visit this trip,. I wasn’t expecting to see salmon and I definitely wasn’t expecting that it would be so unkempt. The river, lake and surrounding area is beautiful so the visit is still worth the time. When I got back to my car I felt like I had spider webs all over me. Also from the fish viewing area you have a beautiful view of the iconic train trestle of Redding and the Redding Aquatic Center (stories pending).
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Fish viewing facility
Fish viewing facility
When the Fish Viewing Facility is cleaned up and the salmon are running it's a fun place to visit
Lake Redding Park
Lake Redding Park
The Fish Viewing station can be found at Lake Redding Park behind the aquatic center

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