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Fish Hatchery Actually Fun!

Altmar, NY, United States
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It's so nice when you stop at something because you are near it, it is free, and then it turns out to be really fun! The Fish Hatchery in Altmar, NY turned out a really nice place to spend an hour learning about the surrounding area.

We we're lucky enough to be there when the steelhead were big and jumping up the fish ladder, which was pretty cool. There is a self guided tour, which is open basically every day unless the weather is super bad. Considering they recently got a foot of snow in the first week of April, I'm guessing this happens occasionally.

They release over a million pounds of fish into over 1000 public Waters across the state, so this is a big operation that is far more interesting than I expected! People who love to fish, the outdoors, and children will enjoy it.
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Tailwater Lodge Altmar, Tapestry Collection by Hilton
This site is five minutes from the nicest hotel in the area, which is how we ended up there

Points of interest

Salmon River
This is a beautiful river and what brings many people to this area.


The Tailwater Bar and Restaurant
The hotel bar has good food and drinks in a nice space.


Salmon River Fish Hatchery
Salmon River Fish Hatchery
The salmon river fish hatchery is free and fun for all.

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