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First visit to Indiana Dunes National Park

Porter, IN, United States
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We took our first long road trip in many months to our favorite town - Chicago. Actually, this was just to venture out of home and feel the thrill of driving again. We rented an apartment in North Chicago near a dog-friendly beach and essentially stayed indoor while ordering foods from our favorite restaurants using Uber Eats etc. It was an interesting socially distanced trip. We felt safe in Chicago as everyone we came in contact with using facial cover. But, things were radically different when we stopped briefly in Indiana Dunes. The National park part was as such quite away from the most accessible beaches and we just stopped at the visitors center once. The visitor center was closed with only bathroom access. There were a couple of rangers outside on a tent giving directions to people and there were strict mask requirements. However, when we went to the State Park beach - it feet like a scary place to be. The beach was very crowded with no opportunity for your private space. No one was using masks and things looked as if the pandemic has magically disappeared. Obviously, this was before the recent surge but we predicted that something bad is going to happen if people are this careless about public health and safety. Fortunately, we didn't spend much time there as it started pouring down and started our drive back to Cleveland. We will be back soon when things become a little better in coming months to hike those dunes.
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