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Finnish Farm House

Huopalahti, Finland
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The Open-Air Museum found on Seurasaai Island just outside of Helsinki, Finland has so much to offer. It’s a very relaxing and beautiful place to walk around. The Farm House was a really cool place to walk through. It had all the décor from the time it was made. There was a cinderblock fireplace that was used for both heat and cooking. The weaving loom was pretty cool and to go with that there was a spinning wheel. The beds looked very uncomfortable and way too short for me. The wooden plank floors were awesome looking but a little uneven. In the yard was a different type of well. I had neve seen a water well with a long, pivoting dipping pole. At the end of the pole was a rope and a bucket. They demonstrated how it worked and it seemed to work great. Now, the roof of the Farm House was something different. They peeled long sections of bark off what looked like Birch trees (just a guess). They overlapped the sections of bark and then placed long poles on top of the bark to keep it in place. All that was done on a sheet of wooden planks. I don’t know if they put any type of sap or tar under the bark back in the days. A very cool sight and we were fed a sweet roll and coffee.
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Home of the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum, a very fun and historical place to visit

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