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Finish with a Unesco

Ávila‎, CL, Spain
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We parked at a recommended lot just outside of the main entrance to the old city and when we got out of the lot we saw a medium size church that was closed. On the sign though it said that it was open 2 hours a day (one in the morning and from 7-8 at night). Normally we would take much notice of this but this church, San Pedro, happens to be a unesco site included with the outside the wall churches of Avila. So we timed our visit to leave right around 7, but upon arriving I had my doubts that it would open as nobody looked to be there. But sure enough at 7 sharp a door opened and we were able to see a unesco church on the way to the parking lot to leave town.
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Empark El Grande
central place to park, just type your license into the machine to pay

Points of interest

Parish of St. Peter the Apostle
this is one of the 10 churches outside the walls that makes up the unesco site

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