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Finding a picturesque spot

Apache Junction, AZ, United States
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I can't leave Arizona without a picture with a cactus, and this place fulfilled my dream! Granted, there are many places in Phoenix area with cacti but the drive to Goldfield Mining Town was picturesque. Right at the entrance is a plot of land for some cacti and the Superstition Mountain in the background. I enjoyed the touristic atmosphere and all the little stores. The public gun/drama show was quite entertaining. I also liked the jailhouse! Highly recommend the museum which is midway up through the buildings. It is on the left hand side as you walk toward the church. They have all kinds of interesting Arizona history. I also recommend going to the saloon and bellying up to the bar and having sarsaparilla. The outdoor patio behind the saloon has a great view of the Superstition mountains and they occasionally have live music.
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