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Finally at the Fremont Street Experience

Las Vegas, NV, United States
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This is our 5th visit to Las Vegas and we finally made it to downtown Las Vegas. Each time, we wanted to visit but never made it and this time, we made it. We parked at the Plaza which is literally right across the street from the Fremont Street. Parking is no longer free, there was a small fee of $10 up to 4 hours. Fremont Street is cover with a huge LED roof, there was music and light show display, there was live music and bar right on the street. We bought a couple of drinks and walk about 4 blocks, I was surprise to see street that crosses right through the Fremont street.
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Golden nugget hotel
One of the original casino and hotel before the main strip we know today
Treasure Island
We stayed here during our 3 nights trip to LV and doing day trip to surround area

Points of interest

Downtown Las Vegas
The Fremont Experience is located here, just minutes from the main strip
Las Vegas
The US 6th most populated city with a population of 640k


Corner Market Buffet
We had breakfast and it was good, the price was decent and lots of selection
The Buffet at ARIA
Good selection but price was way too expensive and i didn't think it was worth it


I Love Sugar (Las Vegas)
This candy store; 1st floor is gummy, 2nd floor is chocolate and a bar
Linq Lane
The Promenade is a an alley of shops, restaurants & entertainment like the Higher Roller

Special activities

Fremont Street Experience
LED lights covering the street, there was lightshow and live music
Linq Lane
There is a the Higher Roller here, sitting at 550 ft tall. It is a giant ferris wheel.

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