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Fields of Light

Paso Robles, CA, United States
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I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life. This place was simply amazing. It is a field setup with thousands of colorful lights. It is a bit expensive but a must do. The first time, we went it was a later time at 9 and was too dark, it was beautiful but hard to see anything so my cousin suggested that we go again an hour earlier which is much better, we get to see some day light and slowly getting darker and the lights starts to illuminate. it was very beautiful. There is a walking trial that is rope off so you can't walk in the field of lights.
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Special activities

Bruce Munro: Field of Light At Sensorio
Display of technology, entertainment of beautiful colorful sphere shaped lights
Bruce Munro: Field of Light At Sensorio
you're not allow to bring and food and drink but can purchase
Bruce Munro: Field of Light At Sensorio
Very expensive but unique experience for all ages, it was so beautiful

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