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Field at Mile High

Denver, CO, United States
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How did a young man, junior high, in Northern California become a Denver Broncos fan? I guess since we had horses I likes the emblem they had at that time, a rearing bronco. After many years I had the opportunity to fly to Denver and sit in a company owned Skybox at the then called Invesco Field, for the Broncos vs. Chiefs game. I hopped on a Frontier Airlines 737 in SFO and headed to Denver. When I got to the field I rode up the elevator with a number of the cheerleaders. When I got to the Skybox it was off to the side of one of the end zones. The Broncos won that game and I had a really nice experience. That was the one and only pro football game I have ever attended.
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Sports Authority Field at Mile High Station
Sports Authority Field at Mile High Station
Home of the Denver Broncos and previously named Invesco Field

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