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Farm Life and Home Made Wine

Barban, Istarska županija, Croatia
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We decided to take our daughters off the beaten path during a recent trip to Europe, and do a farm stay in a small village on the Istrian peninsula of Croatia. Also called agrotourismos, this is a great way to experience the real day to day life of a small village and meet the local inhabitants. They are usually very reasonably price as well, and we only paid about 40 euros/night to stay there. During our stay we felt like we were part of the wonderful family we were staying with and got to see many things about farm life we hadn't experienced before. We had a small apartment on the lower level of the family's house, and each morning the daughters of the owner would bring us home made jams, eggs and bread and the grandfather would bring us fresh milk he had just milked from the family's cows. He also brought by some highly potent Raki that would set you on fire, but we had to down a few shots to his pleasure and amusement. We got to witness a calf being born early one morning, and help tend the goats that roamed the family farm. On our last day, the family prepared a going away feast for us that included copious amounts of the home made wine they produced there. To our surprise our host brought out an accordion and serenaded us into the night with traditional Croatian songs which we all tried to sing along with. A wonderful and educational trip for our whole family. Highly recommend the farm stays, especially for families with children who have never experience farm life.
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Culture and experiences

Farm stays or agrotourismos are a wonderful experience to learn local color and traditions.

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What a unique experience! Sounds cool.