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Fantastic waves

Nazaré, Leiria District, Portugal
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Nazare, Portugal is known as being the city in Portugal that has the amazing waves. People come here from around the world to surf because of the sheer massiveness of the waves that form here. The reason for the big waves is the underwater Nazare canyon, so they are pretty much a constant here. Surfing competitions draw large crowds and it is not unusual for people to set records here. A couple of years ago, a surfer set a record on an eighty foot wave! While the locals don't seem to be phased by this, you can see tourists at the lookouts gawking at the beautiful, large waves.
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For kids

Norpark - Aquatic Amusement Nazaré
This really fun aquatics park was a big hit with our kids. You can pay for a full or half day.

Points of interest

Paróquia Pederneira - Nazaré
This parish is not as interesting as the others in the area
North Beach
The northern beach is not as popular (at least not during our stay), but is still really nice
Nazaré Lighthouse
The lighthouse here is great to see and there is an amazing view from here as well
Sítio da Nazaré (Portugal)
One of the best places to get a great view of the water and the waves.
Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazaré
While you are checking out the waves from the lookout, turn around and check out this amazing church
Nazare Beach
The beach in this seaside town is pretty great to relax on.
Nazare is a professional surfer's dream. Come here and check out the impressive waves.


Restaurante Maria Do Mar
Looks a little run down, but the seafood is absolutely amazing.
Chocolateria Bombon
Amazing treats here and a really friendly worker that helped us pick out local favorites.

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