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Fabulous Farmer's Market Feat

Killorglin, County Kerry, Ireland
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I had never heard of Londis before going to Ireland, but as soon as we needed some petro, treats and something to drink, I decided to stop by and visit Londis store. When my family and I walked inside the store, we were all confused when we found out that it's so much more than a regular convenience store. Instead, it is set up more like a Farmer's Market exhibit and a wine hall. As we walked around the Farmer's Market displays, we observed how the small business and food merchants market and promote their various products. Various companies sold and marketed their goods in this store. It was a great place to stock up on some wonderfully delicious home made baked goods from pastries, deserts and cookies, to some specially made authentic Irish made wine flavors. You can also select from several choices of wines and choose your orders as you please. The market is truly an incredible site that caters to people who enjoy fresh baked goods with fine wines. As you walk around the store, you're welcome to sit, relax and enjoy your meal at the small dining room table and you are free to bring your laptop or cell phone if you want to read travel stories in the dining area because there were no long lines. And if it is not raining outside, you can take your edible treats to the picnic area in the parking lot for a special kind of little picnic. It is really more than a Market or grocery store, it is really actually an incredible and fabulous experience! If you end up getting some cookies, be sure to save some cookie crumbs for the birds that come visit. If you are ever in Killorglin, stop by and check out all of the specialty products here.
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If you are in Killorglin looking for a great selection of home made baked goods, Londis is outstanding and their picnic tables outside the market makes it a great place to bring your family, when it is not raining outside.

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