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Evidence of Beaver Activity

Calvin, OK, United States
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Whenever I am traveling, I always like to look out for wildlife. Sometimes, I only see the evidence of some of our most elusive creatures. Such was the case when I stopped to stretch my legs in Calvin, Oklahoma. There is a bit of an "unofficial" park on the Canadian River there. The new Highway 270 Crosses the river on a modern bridge, while the area around the old bridge has become a default park. Locals often use a large gravel parking lot on the North side of the river. There are no public facilities, but I suspect that people just like to stop here to picnic, fish, walk around, or whatever.

I happened to notice the handiwork of Beavers at this location. They had partially gnawed their way through a tree and had created a Beaver Slide to access the river. These critters were hunted very heavily at one time for their pelts. Their numbers are increasing throughout the Midwest now. Some people regard them as a nuisance, but other people love to admire their engineering skills. On one hand they kill trees, but at the same time their ponds create habitat for other aquatic life.
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