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Etosha National Park. Where are all the animals?

Namibia, Namibia
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My wife and I rented a car, which is the best way to travel around Namibia, and went to Etosha National Park. We were hoping to see elephants, rhinos, and lions while we there but unfortunately none were to be seen. We did see giraffes, zebras, springbok, a fox, and a wildebeest.If you want to see one of the big three animals you are probably better off going to another country in Africa. Etosha is a huge national park so the chance of seeing one of the big three is pretty slim which I completely understand. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this before I went. I guess you live and learn, right.
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Etosha Safari Lodge & Camp
This hotel is three minutes from the park entrance and reasonably priced. If u stay inside the park the price goes up considerably.

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Etosha National Park
All the hotels in and around the park offer safari tours. If you have a car and even a compact car is okay you would be better driving around the park yourself instead of paying around $60 per person.

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by fazekma


Elephants, rhinos, and lions are some of the most common animals in Etosha, but these things may happen where a visitor doesn't see them- but they are there! We have been visiting Etosha for the past 15 years - winter and summer - and have always seen these three animals. They are much easier to see in winter but even in summer they can be seen if you know where to look. I would like to ask you a few questions so that we may be able to provide some advice: What time of the year did you go? Did you stay inside or outside the park and where? What time of day did you enter the park and when did you leave each day? How many days did you visit the park? Did you speak to other guests about their sightings and did you read the sightings books at the camp receptions? What speed did you travel on average while driving? How long did you stop at the waterholes for and which ones (because some are more productive than others)? Maybe this website: will provide you with some hints and tips so that you see more on your next safari.