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Enjoy some warm drinks during a cold Christmas market

Bernkastel-Kues, RP, Germany
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Part of going to a German Christmas market is enjoying the food and drinks that are available. One thing that you will see that is incredibly popular is Gluhwein and kinderpunsch. These hot drinks are a great way to warm up while strolling the markets. Gluhwein is a mulled wine that is served piping hot in a souvenir glass that you can either return to get your pfand (deposit) back, or keep and take with you. Gluhwein is usually made from red wine, but we did see that this market had white gluhwein as well. For the kids, you will find Kinderpunsch, which is hot mulled cider drink that also comes in a souvenir cup. I highly recommend grabbing one of these drinks if you find yourself wandering the cold streets during a German Christmas market.
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