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Elephant Ride in Vietnam

Buon Ma Thuot, Đắk Lắk Province, Vietnam
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When I was in Vietnam in Jan 2014, I wanted to visit Cambodia as well to ride an elephant. It turns out the trip to Cambodia will be too long by vehicle so a local Vietnamese man suggested visiting Buon Ma Thuot to see elephants. So that's what I did; took a road trip with some family from Hue to the south. The elephant ride was about $10 american dollars per person and the ride lasted about an hour. Two to three people can fit on the seat on top of the elephant. It was fun and the experience was good. Only downside was that the surroundings was dry dead land and I was hoping for lush forrest. I would recommend it only if you are in the area and not to make a special trip for it.
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Buon Ma Thuot
The experience was good but wish there was more to it. The price is cheaper if you have locals with you versus being a tourist (they charge you more.

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Dak Lak province
Lê Duẩn

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