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Elephant Mud Baths and More! (Phuket Thailand)

Phuket, จ.ภูเก็ต, Thailand
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I traveled to Phuket Thailand and it honestly was one of the best experiences that I've ever had. I always had a dream of riding an elephant, but once I learned about the treatment that the elephants received and the inhumane conditions that the animals are subjected to, I decided against it quickly. If you ever visit another country that offers elephant trekking, please visit a sanctuary instead. The one that I visited rescued elephants from the industry and used the funds to pay for their care.

Elephants are huge animals, but they were so sweet and gentle. The staff taught us how to make food (fruit and rice balls) for them and we were able to feed them and give them mud baths (which they apparently love). While on my trip to Phuket, I also had a day in Krabi at the "James Bond Beach". I jumped off of the boat and snorkeled in the ocean. There were so many tropical fish, you could feel and see them swimming into you.
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Special activities

Elephant sanctuary, feed the elephants, mud bath with the elephants.
You can snorkel in the ocean with tropical fish, do not take the speed boat because the water is rough.

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