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Learn about the rainforest, and see the canopy from the e...

Rio Grande, Río Grande 00745, Puerto Rico
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The only tropical rainforest in the United States National Forest system, El Yunque is about an hour's drive east from San Juan.It has a beautiful visitor's center that has elevated walkways that allow visitors to see the canopy level of the treetops. Driving on the main park road, you can first stop at Yokahu Tower, which (when open), has a spiral stairway that takes visitors to the top where they can see insipring views of the nearby valley.Later on is the La Mina trail, which visitors can hike to La Mina Falls. La Mina Falls has a wonderful surrounding pool where visitors can take a refreshing (and very brisk) dip to cool off.I have never been able to make it to El Toro Peak, but it is considered to be a premiere experience at El Yunque.
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