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That’s a big bow tie. HaHaHa!

El Paso, TX, United States
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After writing a few stories about Central Texas, I am going to hop back out to West Texas and discuss my recent trip to El Paso.

While I was in El Paso, I had an opportunity to visit the El Paso Museum of Art. This is a great museum which has an outstanding collection of works. While I was there, the museum was exhibiting some beautiful religious paintings, most of which depicted Jesus and the Virgin Mary. This exhibition really made sense in light of the Catholic tradition of El Paso. This region was settled by Spaniards who were of Catholic faith.

The museum was also exhibiting some great paintings that had a western theme. Again, this was very appropriate for El Paso.

I am not necessarily an art guy, but I do appreciate a good art museum. Whenever I visit an art museum, I always like to see works by local artists and works that depict the local culture and history. The El Paso Museum of Art did an outstanding job of this.
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