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Eilat - Israeli town on the Red Sea

Eilat, Israel
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Arriving to Eilat from the north of Israel is like arriving to an oasis. After hours and hours of desert landscape and little villages, you find yourself smack dab in the middle of a tropical paradise.

You'll find a heap of great things to do in Eilat. Lazy beach time, scuba diving, and a really cool marine observatory. If you're going to be there a few days like we were, you can also do a few days trips slightly north in places like the Red Canyon or Timna, two great nature spots where you can do a bit of hiking.

We found that the food scene there wasn't all that hot, not including the heaps of felafel and shwarma stands that dot the downtown. Those are great! There's also a pretty good bar scene, though you'll often find them packed with rowdy youngsters.
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